How To Raise Sheep As Pets

How To Raise Sheep As Pets - 8 Quick Tips For New Sheep Owners To Keep In Mind


People don't usually raise sheep for pets and to some the idea is kind of "out there." However, if you are one of those unconventional pet owners or collectors, or you have a thing for farm animal pets, or you simply want something wooly and says "baaaa," then we can't blame you-love for pets should be universal, what ever kind they may be.

Sheep are generally good natured animals and can be good pets for children and the disabled. Raising sheep as pets teaches responsibility and to some may also be a good companions for the lonely.

Here are some tips on how to raise sheep as pets:

• First is to consider your finances. Raising sheep as pets is easy to manage because they aren't difficult to keep and feed. However, you must have enough money to buy materials for their fencing or housing, for vaccination, stockpiling food or feeds, among other needs.

• You need space to keep your sheep. There are rare cases when sheep are kept inside a home. Sheep that are kept as farm animals require a couple of acres of land especially if they get their food from grazing. However, a big backyard of at least 50 square feet will suffice where definitely grass will be an insufficient food source. In this case, and you can feed it hay or other types of feeds that are available in the market.

• The next step is deciding the breed. Any type of sheep breed can be kept as pets, however miniature breeds are available and are recommended if you want to raise sheep as pets such as the Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy.

• Because sheep are good natured and are social animals, it is recommended to keep more than one. Just make sure that you have the males neutered if you don't want them to breed or reproduce.

• Making a home for your sheep involves using sturdy fencing because sheep are known to find "holes" in fences. Also keeping them away from other pets such as dogs and other animals is best because even though they may not attack your pet sheep, they may bring plenty of stress especially if your ewe is pregnant.

• Feeding sheep is easy. Sheep prefer to eat weeds, grass and clover. They're diet isn't very strict and would even eat plants you don't want them to eat or vegetable in your garden. A mature sheep only requires eating about 2 percent of its body weight per day. It only requires 8 to 10 percent of protein in its diet.

• If you plan to raise sheep as pets, it is best if you keep one that does not need sheering. However, for the very wooly-coated sheep, it is important to sheer them during summer for they can suffer from a heat stroke.

• Finally, keeping your pet sheep healthy involves regular visit to the vet, where they'll get their shots and vaccinations to avoid diseases.

Raising sheep as pets have been known to be therapeutic for some people and is a good idea for people that like keeping farm animals. Just be sure that you are mindful of the basic necessities and knowledge required for raising a sheep.



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