I’ve read just about every book about raising sheep that I could find, and I find this guide is very useful for folks like me who have relatively little experience in building a flock. The guide is very informative and the pictures are excellent making learning more joyful. Most importantly, it has given me the confidence and inspiration to become a shepherd myself. Thanks Chris!

Kelly Anderson
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

This should be the first book anybody who wants sheep should read. I have no experience raising sheep per se, but it not only teaches me how to raise and take care of sheep, but it goes into detail with the enterprise and business side of sheep raising for those small and large farmers. I value the content which it point out the problems one may face with this type of livestock. This is a keeper for me in years to come.

Rebecca Price
Dallas, TX, United States


We knew that we wanted to have some sheep for years now so in order to be prepared; we bought your guide “How To Raise Sheep”. First I thought that this one is just going to be one of a couple books we will have to buy but after reading it, I can say this is the only guide you need. Good and reliable information. This would probably the best investment for a new sheep owner or anyone considering owning one. I learned more that I thought I would. Thanks Chris for this wonderful ebook!

Adam Ward
Illinois, USA

Although I’ve raised other livestock before, I’m brand new to sheep. This ebook is well written and easy to understand, covered every topic I wanted to know about. I greatly like the section on feeding sheep where it shared about the difference for ram, ewe and lamb. After going through your guide a few times, I still managed to pick up jewels of information. Chris, job well done and I am glad to inform you I will be bringing in my first sheep home next month!

Jeffrey P. Cox
Victoria, Australia

I was expecting an ordinary read, but found it to be the best guide book on sheep that I have encountered. I have raise sheep for more than 5 years now and I feel a beginner could take this ebook and start their sheep project. It covers everything you need to know, including how to handle your sheep which is much neglected at times. If you want to raise sheep, read this book first so you’ll be prepared to bring your first ones home.

John Howard
Auckland, New Zealand


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